2048 Extreme

As the game 2048 has become very popular recently, and I’ve joined the group of its addicts, I thought it would be fun to try and re-create it on my own, with further improvements. This process was even more stimulating thanks to a healthy dose of competition between friends (thanks to Hein and Sunny! 🙂 ) that also decided to join the challenge and write their own versions.

I’ve released my game on Windows Phone. It was created using Unity.


Game description:

Most extreme version of this popular game!

Easy to learn, hard to master. Swipe in any direction to combine tiles of the same values – play it smart and you will reach a spot in the elite club of 2048-achievers.

Enjoy the same easy-to-learn mechanisms with an added twist – there’s something for everyone. Dynamically expandable board allows for minutes, if not hours of intense fun, where every move can make it or break it, while custom game mode is where you define the rules, so you can push it to the limit.

– classic game – stick to the original game rules and brag about reaching 2048 in glory!
– dynamic game mode – start on grid 2×2 and then make it expand – sounds easy? Let’s see!
– custom game mode – you define the rules, play on boards of different sizes, with different numbers of starting tiles, etc.
– leaderboard
– detailed game statistics






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