Leaf – Lucky Charm


This project was aimed at making a small keepsake (think: lucky charm 🙂 ). As such, it’s important that it looks nice, so people are happy when receiving it as a gift. Furthermore, I wanted to make more than just a couple of them, and whenever making something in more copies, that small annoyance that we can ignore once or twice, becomes more and more obvious – thus I wanted to make sure the design doesn’t have any unpleasant shortcomings (i.e. the leaf is balanced and hangs straight when hanging on a wall, etc.).

The leafs are laser cut, stained and sealed.

Idea and design comes from my Wife 🙂

Acrylic black paint inside the etched characters/symbols provides nice contrast with the walnut stain.



For curious, the symbols on leafs are Reiki symbols, and Hindu Om.


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