New 3D printer!

Thanks to my dear Wife, there’s now a 3D printer in our home 🙂

We got the Monoprice Select Mini – and it’s amazing to see the progress in 3d printing over past few years, and the quality of the product you can get at such reasonable price point (looks like it would cost more to just order the main components on Amazon than to get this fully built printer!).


I quickly set it up (leveling the bed was a bit tedious, but it’s important to get it right), installed OctoPi on Raspberry Pi, connected it all together and started testing.

Using OctoPi / OctoPrint really makes the process more convenient:

  • no more juggling with SD cards (you can upload gcode through the browser, and even upload STL directly and slice on Raspberry Pi)
  • monitor the progress using webcam/Raspberry Pi camera (and take awesome timelapses)

Find out more at:


Helpful resources

Here are some interesting links that helped me get a head start.

Some of them are dedicated to Monoprice Mini Select:



Some of my first 3D prints on Monoprice Select Mini

Cookie cutters:

Chips bag clip 🙂


Check out my profile on Thingiverse:

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