3D Printer – Designed new part

As I’m having fun and experimenting with 3D printing, I thought I’d give back to the community and design a useful component. And it’s always so much fun to see your design materialize – to be able to hold something that an hour ago was only displayed on your monitor, and then see it work. Magic! 🙂


What is it for?

It’s a mount for Raspberry Pi, designed to fit with Monoprice Select Mini.

Many people are running OctoPi for assisting with 3d printing, thus there’s already a Raspberry Pi nearby – and this seems like a natural addition to be able to monitor the prints remotely and make the most of the timelapse feature.


Link on Thingiverse:


The project site has all the details: required components, assembly, print settings, etc.



Here are few photos showing the printed parts and assembly process:








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