Raceway United – Launch Party

We’ve received and invite from friend I met thanks to racing, Todd, tho the launch party for his new company – Raceway United. Always great to see familiar friends, and meet new people, especially since car crowd is so cool! So of course we attended 🙂 And thinking ahead, considering the location, we also booked lapping on Pacific Raceways on that day, to turn it into a whole Saturday filled with fun.

Let’s see how it played out!


Table of contents

  1. Raceway United Launch Party with ProFormance, Gripwerx and MyhreCreative in attendance
  2. ProFormance PM Lapping and summary of the year
  3. Bonus: buttons!
  4. Social media: post on Instagram


Raceway United Launch Party

Raceway United is a new company that offers automobile storage and services, including also motorsports product design and manufacturing. They can be your go-to place for all trackside needs.

And they’re located conveniently right at Pacific Raceways!

Check out more information on their official website:

And their socials:


The party was very lively – DJ playing fun tunes, snacks and beverages, cool cars on display, couple motion simulators to try out and participate in a quick championship 😉 And lots of friendly faces to chat with!




Fun event, and I’m looking forward to seing how Raceway United helps shape the motorsports community.

It was also great to see representation from other local companies, well known to our racing community:


PM Lapping with ProFormance

Both Sheetal and I will be happy to get on the track any chance we get! And with temperatures going down, this could be just the right spot at final attempt to improve our lap times this year. The day was quite sunny, no rain, and temperatures just above 40*F, with fairly high humidity. Bonus – not that many people came, which made for less traffic on the track.

Driver’s meeting was a bit different – this time lead by Wes Hill, who made a great point that stuck with me. Everyone always asks for feedback (great!) so here’s something he shared with all of us from the start: focus on exit speeds from 3B and 5B, as that sets us up for the following straights, where any MPH increase brings compounding results. Slower entry can make for faster exit. I made that my focus for at least today.


Here’s some photos we snapped:




And what do you know, both Sheetal and I got our new personal best times 🏁😉 What a way to end the season.

You can check out mine (1:31.62) here:


Leaving the track to go get fuel can be quite a dilemma – if we’re not split into groups, and instead get open lapping for the whole afternoon, sacrificing 20 minutes to drive to gas station and fill up takes that much time away from lapping 😀 Yet the alternative is to fill up at the track directly, where prices are… well, let’s say they’re inclusive of the convenience tax:


And, seeing as this is likely our last track day of 2022, I thought this could be a good time to take a look at the whole year.

While this has been my first season racing with ICSCC on the Novice license I obtained after completing competition school with ProFormance in May, with many events through-out (DirtFish! Avants! Porsche Club!), let’s take a look at an overview of all the lapping days (well, most of them – I didn’t record 2 sessions when I was getting fitted for 330Ci before racing weekend 😉):


My summary for 2022:

(I’m surprised it shows 1 track, while I’ve been frequenting both Pacific Raceways and Ridge this year)

Pacific Raceways – results for 2022:

And details of today’s session:

All data from Garmin Catalyst, and screenshots provided here are from Catalyst mobile app. 


Bonus: buttons!

And here’s a fun thing – I wanted to make a surprise for Todd for the launch of his new company. And since I like to tinker, I decided to make magnetic buttons with his company logo. I find this process quite… relaxing. It helps me clear my thoughts, and the results are very satisfying. And of course – the expression on the face of recipient of the gift is the best outcome 🙂

Here’s couple photos showing the process:

From printing the buttons…

… through cutting them into circles…


… to assembling the pieces together:

and here’s the result!


I made them both with white and black background, so they fit nicely in every situation 😉


What a fun day it was!

Can’t wait for next season and even more track time.


Post on Instagram

Quick post with few photos, check it out here:

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